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Coffee Tasting

90 Minute Course

Have you ever wondered if people can actually identify those tasting notes listed on the bag? Green Apple? Mixed berry jelly? Caramelized carrot juice? (Well maybe not that last one). Through the Coffee Tasting class we will figure out those nuance flavors that farmers, roasters, baristas, and now you, the home brewer, are trying to pull out and highlight in that morning cup of Joe.

Home Brewing 101

90 Minute Course

The Home Brewing 101 class is designed for both the coffee enthusiast and novice. This class is 100% hands on, brewing coffee through multiple devices and identifying the key tools needed to brew better coffee at home.

Intro to Coffee & Espresso

Five day course

This class is designed for those new or newer to the coffee industry. It is a comprehensive educational and training experience, designed for those eager to learn about the basics of coffee and espresso. This unique learning experiece is taught by a team of people who successfully do what we teach.

Repair & Maintenance

One day course

This one-day class is directed towards the working barista, coffee bar manager or owner, to take their espresso machine repair and maintenance skills to the next level. It may also be beneficial for service companies looking to add to their coffee shop related repair and maintenance skills.

Home Roasting

90 Minute Course

Home roasting, the ultimate level of coffee greatness, where coffee enthusiasts become coffee scientists. Home roasting students will learn popular ways to roast green coffee at home, transforming this raw food into a golden brown masterpiece. The instructor will cover popular home roasting practices and what to look for when executing each one. Students will leave with a better understanding of how green coffee transforms into a finished product through the application of controlled heat. Be prepared to fall even more in love with the complexity of coffee by the end of this class.

Training made personal.

Private Training

Have a scheduling conflict with our classes? Or would you prefer having private training with no other students in the class? You tell us what your needs are and we can set the agenda to accomplish your goals.

Schedule a Session

Personalized Classes

The Foundry can create a class targeted to your needs at either our facility or yours. If you own a franchise or corporation and have multiple people who need training in a short period of time, we can help.

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